Hey! Thanks for visiting- I'm stoked to have you here.

My name is Jack. I'm a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I initially trained as an actor but after a couple of years touring around the country performing Shakespeare with a carload of stinky actors I decided to pick up a camera and have a crack at photography. It turned out to become slightly more than an obsessive passion and now it's my job  (between hitting the road with more Shakespearean antics). I strongly believe in the power of authentic human experiences and I promise I won't make you do any fake, posey nonsense.

I'm really into theatre, photography and getting downright arty any way I can. I'm a big fan of Jeff Buckley and a band called The Dip. I also write shocking poetry that's occasionally published under a pseudonym (try and find me ;).

If I sound like I might be your cuppa I'd be thrilled to grab a beer/ vino/ coffee and  we can chat about your day.

Feel free to shoot me a message me here 

Love, Jack x

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